About me

I’m Carla Ejarque, architect, ceramist and teacher.

I’ve always dedicated my free time doing artistic activities like drawing, painting, retables or stained-glass windows. But it wasn’t until I touched clay for the first time in so long that I truly felt in love with the feeling of transforming the material and with creating volumes with my hands.

My work is inspired by the landscapes I have been discovering, like Island or Jordan but also by minerals and the magic of the sea.

Every piece is totally handmade by me, I make them with love and care and I never think in the amount of time I dedicate to each of them. I’m captivated by the process of creation and I enjoy learning every day.

It makes very grateful to share my work with you and I appreciate your feedback. It’s all that the reason that makes me willing to grow as a ceramist and to continue having the motivation to investigate and learn.